1936-1942 Proof Sets

The United States Mint began producing proof sets for coin collectors once again in 1936. This followed a pause in proof coin production of about 20 years. These early modern proof sets were produced for seven years until 1942, when another break in production occurred until 1950.

These early proof sets from 1936 to 1942 have considerable lower mintages than later issues, especially proof sets produced from the 1960's to present. For example, all of the proof coins produced from 1936 to 1940 have mintages of less than 20,000!

Proof Coin

High quality examples of these coins are often difficult to come by. Complete sets may not contain superior examples. Collectors will often pick and choose each proof coin individually to assemble the desired set.

This website contains information on 1936-1942 Proof Sets as well as a selection of proof coins for sale. This includes uncertified complete sets and individual coins certified by PCGS or NGC.